Engage your Psychology course  inside

and outside the classroom

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Online Textbook

FREE peer-reviewed digital textbooks available provided by Openstax, including embed simulations, quizzes, surveys, and etc.*

Keep Track of your Students Automatically

Easily adjustable grading scale and classroom analytics to keep track of study progress and grade calculations of students.

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Live Attendance

Take in class attendance at REAL-TIME, enforcing lecture attendance and participation rates.

Student Interactions

Ask graded/ungraded questions and conduct live polls to keep your students engaged.

Enable Student


Inbuilt AI teaching assistant monitors students forums and Centralized Collaboration in a simple: students for students forum to maximize their learning.

Save Time with Efficiency

Manage all aspects of running your class from our interactive and friendly operating Dashboard.


Check Classavo ANYWHERE!

All features available on BOTH web and smartphone apps.

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