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Accountability Issues during COVID-19

Accountability in the midst of Confusion and Lack of in-person engagement

June 30, 2020

We started our new series highlighting our key features as well as some new ones that we have been working on specifically to help make distance learning more engaging and interactive for both students and professors.

Since March 15, professors and instructors have been experiencing accountability and academic integrity challenges teaching their classes virtually. Students are creating Zoom bots, changing their screens to display static photos, and our favorite: renaming their screens "reconnecting"!

Students are not feeling engaged with the material, understandably because the tools we use today were just supposed to be a bandage to fill the gap. And on the other side, we have a lot of tools segregated that don't entice students and keep them focused on their class.

During this trying and uncertain time in the next coming months for education, we wanted to bring professors everything they could possibly need to have a sense of normalcy in their courses but also take this opportunity to strengthen engagement within their classes.

Accountability in the midst of Confusion and Lack of in-person engagement.

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Attendance should be made easy on both parties! With Classavo, your students can easily text in (or enter right from their Classavo account) a unique code that changes every class. We offer geolocation that can be turned off for distance learning

Live Polling

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Encourage your students to participate during class (virtual or in-person) with our new live polling feature. Students can follow along the lectures and answer question prompts to keep them engaged throughout the class. Keeping your students engaged has never been easier! You'll be able to directly give your students grades for their participation encouraging students to interact with your class further instead of being distracted elsewhere!

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