The tools you need

With Classavo's tools, Professors can create unique course content that follows their teaching styles. The content that students want to spend time on both inside and outside of the classroom.


Track attendance with an easy "join" code that changes every class!

​Students can text the given code to _____ and they will automatically be marked as present!

​Need to be sure your students are in your classroom? Turn on our geolocation tool so only students in your class can be marked present!

Illustration of the Attendance feature


Create one of a kind course materials that students want to spend time on inside and outside of the classroom​

Add in different interactive elements like photos, videos, discussions, and more!​

Adopt and customize textbooks from our partners - OpenStax and Saylor


Choose from multiple-choice, short answer, word answers, matching, and more!

Create your own assignments, or upload previously created questions!

Publish your assignments when you're ready for students to complete them

Student assignment taking UI


Secured exams to prevent cheating​​

Upload exam question packs, previously created questions, or create your own!

Monitor students during the exam with set exam times and proctoring capabilities!

Student exam preparation

Live Polling

Encourage student collaboration with our Live Polls!

They can anonymously participate with given questions!

​You'll be able to see which students participated on the professor analytics side.



Encourage student collaboration with our discussion boards. The perfect place for students to go to talk to each other about homework assignments, group projects, or even have a virtual study session before an exam!

Illustration of the discussion feature


With our data driven analytics, you're able to see how your students are performing in class at any point during the semester!

See if students are engaging with the course materials, how long they're spending on a given topic, and so much more!

Our gradebook database integrates with your school's LMS for a smooth end of the semester!


With the state of education around the world currently, we have made Classavo as easily accessible as possible. You have access to all of your courses and course materials at your fingertips. We are available on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

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Classavo is free for instructors

Our editor helps guide you through the process of creating, and editing your classroom material from anywhere.