Tired of spending so much money on your class materials?

Between textbooks, clicker systems, and even more, who knows how much you actually spend by the end of the semester! Classavo is here to change that.

The content you'll actually want to look at after class.

Take Control of YOUR Grades

Picture this, you're in the middle of the semester and you have no idea how you're doing in class. Sounds scary, right? Well, with Classavo, you're able to go in and see your grades and where you stand in class at any point during the semester!

Communication is key...the key to success

We make it easy to interact and communicate with your classmates! Through polls and discussion forums, you're able to communicate about your class, assignments, projects, and even study together virtually for upcoming exams!


Voice your Opinion... anonymously if that's more your thing

Share your thoughts or questions on assignments, quizzes, exams, and more with your professor!

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Education in the 21st Century

We're in a digital age and are so used to having everything at our fingertips, why should education be different? All of your course content and materials are digital on Classavo, so you have access to it wherever you are!

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Always on your phone? Well now you can actually learn from it!

You can use Classavo anywhere, and we really mean anywhere! Use us on your computer, tablet, or smartphone with our app!

Content that you'll actually enjoy studying

Enjoy fun and interactive content - you know, content that you actually want to look at inside and outside of the classroom!

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