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New features to help you ROCK distance learning

New features that make distance learning something that won't scare students away

June 6, 2020

To say things have been crazy around the Classavo offices would be an understatement. COVID-19 has been a huge catalyst for fostering the use of technology in education, now more than ever before. To keep up with the ever-changing technology and the needs from both professors and students, we have been giving Classavo a much-needed face-lift and some new surprises with powerful features that help support distance learning this Fall semester!

We have been adding lots of fun, new features that make distance learning something that won't scare students away. Our main goal is to make education accessible to everyone and we are on the road to achieving that!

To help with the latest education climate, we have been in contact with universities and professors around the country witnessing what problems and challenges they’re facing. We have built the dream platform that not only professors love, but students actually want to spend time learning from.

This pandemic is forcing teachers to become technology experts in a short amount of time. We believe that more tech doesn't equal better education quality. Technology should be simple, easy, fun, and engaging. Based on our research, we refine the process with precise calculation, while reducing friction for students and professors. So you can spend more time with your student, and less time with the LMS and Classavo!

Alright, let's get into the good stuff......


Our old dashboard was loved by many users, but we wanted to push the limits further to something even simpler. We wanted both professors and students to be able to easily select the area that they are looking for without hesitation. The process of actually going to a simpler design is harder than it looks!

[resize output image]
Image 1.1: Classavo Old Dashboard Version 7.

Since the above Dashboard brought a much-needed color and spark in education, what we learned as the users grew by the number was that, even though they found it easier to navigate, there was information on the platform that was never consumed or added any benefit to the users.So as we strive to iterate from quick customer feedback and observed behaviors (we are one of the very few education companies that iterate the entire platforms fast and repeatedly to push the limits of our customer satisfaction) we removed every not-so-important elements from our platform and streamlined it even further. Things that were robotic, were meticulously automated to save professors time and effort.

[optipng output image]

This is one of the many drawings that took place over the course of a few weeks before we captured the exact look that we were going for! Design is something that is so important, especially when it comes to technology that people are going to use. We really wanted the latest version of our dashboard to be something that's easy to access and brainless to use.

Presenting...Classavo V.8

[optipng output image]

Our newest update brings your entire workflow to the Classavo Dashboard. Your entire class activities are now grouped into 5 simple actions:

Insights: This is where you can see all your analytics, grades, and students.

Learn: This is where all your content lives, including folders, files, and the chapters created through our interactive editor.

Assignment: We have made it easier for professors to create auto-graded and algorithmic assignments, live polling to conduct secure exams and tests this Fall.

Attendance: Already proven feature is even easier and accurate than before with better Geo-Location. (Disabled for online-learning)

Go-Live:  Go-Live is our version of synchronous teaching! This where professors can broadcast themselves and conduct online lectures after which the recordings are saved to the 'Learn' folder automatically.

New and Improved, "Learn"

[optipng output image]

Good organization is such a huge part of education, especially now with distance learning! We have really upgraded our folder system so professors can go in and create folders (and folders inside of folders 😀 ) for anything that would help them stay organized for their students!

You can now also import content from Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, or upload from your computer.

You have the ability to change colors, edit folder names, and make the folders visible to students when you're ready to cover that chapter or topic! The possibilities are endless with our new Learn App.

Supporting Professors, as always...

[optipng output image]

Check back next week for another post with even MORE new features!

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