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The 2022 Global Impact Summit and a Collaboration with Woxsen University

Learn more about Classavo's work with Woxsen University in South Central India.

August 22, 2022

Nestled on an expansive, state-of-the-art, 200-acre campus in South Central India, Woxsen University has already begun to make a name for itself. With a passion for innovation and its face to the future, Woxsen University recently arranged its first Global Impact Summit (GIS) in Hyderabad in April 2022. 

Organized by students, alumni, and faculty, The Summit was led by Woxsen's Vice President, Dr. Raul Rodriguez. Bringing together leaders in higher education and academia, as well as entrepreneurs, researchers, and government officials from around the world, the theme of the Summit was Ethics, Responsibility, and Sustainability within educational delivery.

Woxsen University Distinguishes Itself as a Leader

The environment at a budding university is more than just youthful and energetic. Established in 2014, Woxsen is still considered a young institution but has quickly become one of the leading private universities in India. Continuously reaching new milestones and achievements, Woxsen is emerging on the international scene as well. 

The students and alumni were vibrant, well-grounded, and professional, with a hunger for knowledge and an attitude of industriousness. Keeping with the global outlook of the Summit, the students even organized a fashion show to represent the various nations in attendance.  

The professors and faculty are wholly invested in their students. Together, they are showing the world they are a perfect blend of youthful energy and wisdom. Moreover, they are actively proving that a new, modern university can not only compete with established institutions but can produce revolutionary leaders and world-changers. 

Academic Collaborations Expand Student Opportunities

Classavo was honored to be invited to the GIS 2022. This distinguished group of educators and forward-thinking leaders gave guest lectures, participated in round table discussions, helped judge events, and even shared personal stories. It was an excellent opportunity for us to hear how teaching and education look across the globe and to learn from each others' experiences. The Summit was a successful endeavor all around and included three new academic collaborations that were designed to expand the opportunities available to students. 

BHU - Woxsen School of Arts & Design Partnership 

Woxsen University announced that the university, specifically the School of Arts & Design, will be collaborating with Banaras Hindu University (BHU) in the areas of Training, Workshops, Joint Research, and Conferences. In addition, the universities will also be setting up a design innovation lab. 

Dual Degree Programs

Dual Degree Programs with Solbridge International School of Business - Woosong University South Korea will give students the opportunity to participate in a 2+2 program for their BBA. This robust collaboration will have students earning an Indian degree and a South Korean degree, widening their professional market upon graduation. 

Chair Professorship

The Woxsen-Classavo Collaboration gives an Association for Chair Professorship in Integrative Research and Digital Learning. It provides the opportunity for collaboration for research papers, white papers, case studies, and more. Classavo will be an active collaborative participant in academic partnerships with other universities, as well as ensure active corporate alignment in the form of international internships, capstone projects, and job opportunities for Woxsen students. In addition, Classavo will provide publishing support to Woxsen University faculty and is thrilled to donate a portion of marketplace revenue to the Classavo Scholarship Fund. 

The entrepreneurial spirit of Woxsen students is impressive to Classavo. The intelligence, drive, and fortitude demonstrated at the Summit bear witness to the atmosphere of passion and innovation that is cultivated at Woxsen University. To that end, we are proud that part of our collaboration included a scholarship for Three Lakhs and Fifty Thousand Rupees (~$5,000) from the Classavo Scholarship Fund.

It is an incubation scholarship for entrepreneurial or startup ideas, or pitch competitions to award student ideas. The student ideas that we saw during Pitch Competition were groundbreaking – it is the student ideas that will transform their community, their country, and their world. 

An Exciting Partnership Expands World Education

Vice President of Woxsen University, Dr. Raul Rodgriguez, and Classavo founder, Rohan Shah have known each other for a few years, and recognize that they are both highly dynamic and target-driven individuals. Dr. Rodgriguez described meeting the rest of the Classavo team as “meeting the Dream Team every startup founder wishes to have to make their company the next Fortune 500.” Watching Rohan demonstrate his passion and dedication through an exhilarating presentation at the Global Impact Summit, Dr. Rodgriguez knew the Woxsen-Classavo Collaboration would create a unique opportunity for Woxsen University and its students.  

Leading up to the Summit and working with Woxsen to establish this unique collaboration, we have developed a mutual appreciation and respect that makes this an exciting partnership. Classavo was specifically designed with the educator in mind. We know that no two professors are alike, and we try to make our platform as broad as necessary to accommodate as many teaching styles and universities as possible.

However, we also strive to put in the small details that make it work so specifically for an individual professor or institution. For instance, our partnership with Woxsen has already introduced new ideas for integrating their facial recognition technology that takes attendance into our platform.

As we learn what makes the teaching experience better for more professors and universities, we can, in turn, expand our platform to meet those needs. Dr. Rodriguez is excited to introduce Woxsen professors and students to this complete one-stop solution, as it is a timely answer to integrating their needs and service requirements alike.

As Classavo expands to India through this collaboration, Woxsen University is also opening up the doors to a world education a little bit wider for its students. Woxsen is driven by Five Pillars: Internationalisation, Research, Corporate Alignment, Entrepreneurship, and ERS. They are one of the few fully digital and liquid learning-based institutions in Asia, and Classavo can actively contribute to this through its dynamic model.

The opportunity to augment content and increase their collaborative opportunities with U.S. professors and faculty helps Woxsen build on its vision of developing inclusive, multicultural, global professionals. As a young and emerging institution, Woxsen University is less bureaucratic and more active than some of its counterparts, and Classavo is looking for partners like Woxsen as we prepare for the future. We intimately understand Woxsen's mission to transform the conventional education process, as that is a fundamental part of our own mission, which is why this collaboration is so meaningful to Classavo. 

Innovate with Classavo 

Ultimately, we want to make the life of the professor easier, which makes the student experience more accessible. Classavo is about helping educators find solutions and increasing student engagement. Transforming education isn't just about a platform. It is about bringing ideas forward into a tangible learning opportunity for students. We believe our platform is more inclusive of the learning tools that instructors need – from a superior daily agenda system to adaptable interactive textbooks, live analytics, discussion boards, easy assignment tracking, and more.

We are free for professors, which means you lose nothing by trying our platform. See how our innovative platform can simplify the day-to-day work of a professor and help them connect better with their students. Contact us today to learn more about using Classavo to transform your educational process. 

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