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How can I use the Classavo Marketplace?

May 15, 2023
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The Classavo Marketplace is a platform where instructors can choose from a variety of course content to add to their own courses. Instructors have the option to modify the content as they see fit.

You can check out the featured section of books, search for the content you desire, or explore the category sidebar. Once you have found your desired content, you can add it or request it to be added to your course.

Please note that if the content is paid, your students will need to pay for it when they access your course.

If the content you have added to your course from the Classavo Marketplace is a textbook, you have the ability to edit or delete each chapter to suit your needs. Adding your own introductory video at the beginning of each chapter can help familiarize students with the context of the course.

To begin editing a chapter in a textbook, simply click on the Edit button for the desired chapter.

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