How do I change the title of one of the chapters or section headers?

To change the title of one of the chapters you must click the chapter that you want the title edited for. Now on the right-hand side of the view chapter card click the pencil button. At the top left of the editing window, you will see the title of the chapter. This will change the title of the chapter that appears in the course book index. Here you are able to type and change the title to suit your needs. To change your section headers inside of a chapter, you must go from the course book reader view to the course book editor view. While in the editor drag a header block into the interactive editing area on the left side of the screen. Click the header block to add a title, once you are finished adding a title click apply. This title is then added to the section browser on the right side of the reader. Once you are finished making changes in the editor, you may click save and back to reader.